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Hi there! Great to finally meet everyone! I hail from Japan and my name is Arisa. I am based out of the nation's geographic center. I am determined to study Chinese and will give it my all, even if I do not yet speak the language. Come have fun and be a part of something special with me! The process is simple: just go to my SWAG Live profile, join up, and start messaging me to become a fan. Being able to converse with you in many languages is something I'm really proud of. My intention in considering the usage of translation software is just to foster a relationship with you. On my profile, you'll see a little introduction video that I made. Have a peek! If you come see me, you can see a little of it. There is absolutely no cause for concern. You are safe from danger. I am overjoyed to be at SWAG Live, a place where I may participate in thought-provoking conversations worry-free. This is an ideal setting for delving into fascinating subjects. I also happen to have a really large breast, which may or may not be relevant.

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