Pretty Ashley

Review? Who? Me, Ahh get out... No one will take the time to take a closer look. Most men are the same, no honey no money, and mostly no money is a fact, I am honey all over. Cant, you see how nice I am? Do you see my pussy? I love to play with myself, there is no shame. My body is okay, guys love it, and I use it in a nice way, this matters the most. So what do you want to review? How do I moan? You can hear that in my chat room for free cause I am on CherryTV. If you like to review me, I want to review you first, how is that? Sounds fair? Or am I a piece of meat you consider buying for a Saturday night? Don't talk foolishly to women like me, but be brave, and you might be rewarded, take that as a review! Wait, what? I can have more visitors? Why not said this befo...........

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