Puppy Ailen

Hi there, awesome people! Erin's from China! Taiwan has long captivated me, therefore I've been saving for a trip. I may be 165 cm tall and born in 2005, but don't let my youth mislead you! My 46 kilos and C cup make me stand out! I dance like a machine, guided by my heart through the curriculum. I love learning the ropes. How my body can fascinate and pleasure you is amazing. I hope I could make you feel at home. Set some rules, please. Let's keep personal matters private while we're out, okay? We shouldn't become too attached to a paid meeting service, but I'm considering it. Let's keep things lighthearted and avoid offending people. Prepare to spend your valuable jewels on tickets and unique concerts! It starts… It seems that one minute of your time is worth 1,000 jewels in this wonderful game! A minute of your life costs a lot. Better spend that minute well! My customized movies are hilarious! Faced flicks are like diamond mines, blasting 10 purple and black jewels each minute. Faceless films only yield 5 gems. What a bling difference! I wear a strange mask throughout my free live broadcasts to add intrigue. It fascinates and surprises my viewers. I may expose my genuine identity one day… or not! I'll remove the mask if I get paid. All guests will be cordially welcomed. Hi there! Note that we're unavailable on Mondays, so don't send presents or farewells. No need to overdo it—we'll meet again! Let's make this place comfortable and cheerful!

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