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Girls host their own shows, and run their own chat rooms, sometimes with help of moderators. You will see also all sorts of Bots putting text in the chat rooms, these are announcements and messages from the model to you. Sometimes they show the Tipping Menu, where you can “order” items, shows, what she will do for you, and prices are clearly pointed out. In many rooms, you can find Tip Menus at reasonable prices, and it will give you a good return for your buck. We advise you to look around before you get hooked on your new crush. Use the Free Chat options to ask the model about her preferences, or just get to know her better on a more easy-going level. You can make it as easy or complex as you wish. Tipping is nice, and it is a sign of appreciation, being a person that only exhausts models and never gives anything in return can be considered inappropriate. Models can BAN users, and then it is game over. When you keep harassing the models on a level that can be seen as disturbing, they can contact the support and have you banned on all of the properties Chaturbate owns. Remember that this is a platform with people, willing to share their most intimate moments with you, show respect and receive it back with a smile.

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